• Abhijit Maheswari

Alternative data : Retail sales in 2020-21

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Point of sales (Pos) with credit card and debit card along with mobile transactions should be a good proxy to understand retail sales (especially urban sale). Average mobile transaction includes payment through UPI, which covers Google Pay, Paytm, Amazon, PhonePe.

Key Takeaways - Comparing Jan 2020 and Dec 2020

1. Average transaction value from credit card is up by 10.5% while average debit card transaction is up by 25.8%

2. Average mobile transaction in Dec 2020 was close to Jan 2020 figure. But could be worrying is total volume and total value of mobile transaction are both lower by approximately 42%

3. Both Debit card and Credit card usage volume is down by 17.2% and 14.1% respectively While total spend value for debit card is up by 4%, the total credit card value is down by 5%. Country:India, Data: RBI