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Leverage data

Combining AI, Machine learning and Robotics to extract actionable intelligence from data



What do I do


Digital Intelligence


Mathematical Model


Artificial Intelligence


Data Consultancy


Gym Workout

Protein and Supplement


Reveals consumer's intentions and interest in nutrition and supplements so that existing brands and brands which wants to enter India can build a successful business strategy


Health and Drugs


Helping companies and brands find key connection between health conditions and consumption as both drive each other.



"Insights lives in the data. And my task is to uncover pattern inherent in data"

Abhijit comes with hands-on experience in technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Data Analytics. Together with his experiences in investment banking and internet businesses, he is able to bring new perspective and fresh approach to problem solving.

Perhaps he is the only Indian who has successfully moved from economics to robotics, and then worked with best scientific mind (C V Raman awardee) in the country. This gives him a dual perspective of business problems and mathematical models. And equips him with the tools to leverage one to solve the other.

His last role as a researcher in designing robot perception system and subsequent work with consumer business made him realize the unifying structure of data - radar, lidar, google search, social media - at fundamental level they all are mathematical object. The values he brings are problem structuring, data breakdown to its fundamental essence and lens of mathematics to find the solution.